Pipe Bags


My pipe bags were created out of necessity. I needed something that was simple, yet functional. They are handcrafted by FoxTail Art and are truly a high quality piece.

The pipe pocket is lined with a heavy felt pad which adds an increased level of protection for your most treasured pipes. Furthermore, each pocket has a center flannel partition, effectively creating two separate, generously sized pockets. One for your pipe, and one for your many accessories such as a tamper / pipe tool, lighter, matchbox, and small bag of tobacco, just to name a few. They are finished with a long leather lash to wrap everything up, and highlighted by a small, leftover piece of briar, offering you a glimpse into the rough beginnings of your Wood House Pipes.

Yes, there are certainly other options out there. Many “hard bags” are a great choice if a high level of protection is your ultimate purpose. However by nature, many of these hard cases are heavy, bulky and many times, expensive. They are also usually fairly inflexible as far as the amount and type of content they accept.


9.5” x 21” Unfolded
9.5” x 4” Folded / Rolled
9” x 4” Approximate Inner Pocket Dimensions